Onions storehouse

Onions storehouse

Onions storehouse

Seasoning Supplier

Onion distributor, onion merchandiser, onion retailer

What we do:

Onions are vegetables used in our daily lives. It is the simplest grocery to use and obtain. What differs is the quality of the product offered. Onions are grown all around the world as they range in size, shape, and color. The preparations vary as well.

Under the subject about quality is where we come in. Sinospices is a company that supplies high-quality onions as an online onion supplier. They offer various onion types such as fried onions, dehydrated onions, and onion powder. Onions are used diversely in foods such as pasta, pizza, and grilled chicken. Through years of research and development, scientists came up with a solution to reduce the strong onion odor. They realized dehydration through freeze-drying kept the flavor and nutritional value of onions the same while reducing odor. We specialize in delivery. We value our clients.

Types and uses:

There are many types of onions such as:

Onion powder- the powder makes seasoned salt and spice mixes.

Fried onions- they are pan-fried or deep-fried onions consumed as a popular snack food. They are either crisp fried, sautéed, or onion rings.

Dehydrated onions- are common in France. They are used to make onion soups and hot sauces.

Why us:

We offer good quality products with low prices and irregular promotions.

There is quality assurance in our onions due to multiple checks during production.

We offer excellent services and a stable, regular supply throughout the year.

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