Do you know a fact about necklaces and pendants?

Do you know a fact about necklaces and pendants?

Do you know a fact about necklaces and pendants?



In fact, necklaces and pendants have no clear definition. The most common of the various theories is that necklaces are “a general term for accessories that decorate the neck” and pendants are “one of the types of necklaces.”Here, based on this idea, let’s introduce more concretely what kind of items are called “necklaces” and “pendants”.


Necklaces refer to accessories that are worn around the neck, including chains, and items such as “chain-only items” and “items without a pendant top” are also classified as necklaces. It also includes a series of pearls that are often used at ceremonial occasions. Anything that becomes “U” when worn can be thought of as a necklace.


The etymology of a pendant is “pend,” which means “hanging” or “hanging,” and it is said that it refers to an ornament hanging from the tip of a chain or strap. Therefore, those that become “V-shaped” due to the weight of the pendant top when attached are considered to be classified as pendants.

To summarize the above, the necklace is the only accessory for the chain, or the ornament whose decoration is integrated with the chain. It’s easy to remember that an ornament that has a pendant top separate from the chain is a pendant. However, it is not uncommon for the name to change depending on the design of the accessory and the store, so it cannot be said unconditionally, so please keep this in mind as a guide only.

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