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QLED stands for “quantum dot LED TV.” OLED is exceptional science from LCD, the main kind of TV. QLED is a version of LED LCD, including a quantum dot movie to the LCD “sandwich.” OLED is “emissive,” which means the pixels emit their very own light.

QLED TV is a form of LED TV that uses quantum dot applied sciences to amplify the best of critical images. Ability to supply higher brightness and broader chromatography.

The excessive spectral mild in the QLED TV photo is brighter and extra conspicuous. QLED TV presents a higher show impact in the white air, and the overall value performance is higher.

Further Specifications

Ultra-precise favorable impact

The shiny mild locations are greater dazzling. The darkish places are deeper, appreciably enhancing the TVs gentle manipulate ability

Quantum dot technology 

Increases the pleasantness of critical images—the ability to supply higher brightness and broader chromatography.

Spectral excessive light

Provides a higher show impact in white air. Send the overall fee performance is additionally higher.

Self-optimized sound

Robust sound science creates a greater refined encompass sound experience.

Dynamic sound

Elastic 3D sound impact fashioned through a built-in audio system makes you experience like you are in the motion of the screen

Smooth Body

The easy exterior plan approves your TV to match with the indoor environment, elegantly reproduced.

Dynamic acceleration technology

Robotically predicts and compensates everybody of the videos of the content material source, permitting you to ride clear photo high-quality and picture performance.