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Enjoy the fun of directing garden lighting

Enjoy the fun of directing garden lighting

Enjoy the fun of directing garden lighting

Garden outdoor lights

lighting up of the garden

The important points in comparing garden lights and choosing lighting that will not fail are roughly divided into the following four points. A small light in the foreground, and a brighter back to create a beautiful garden with depth. You can enjoy directing the lighting up of the garden as if you were drawing a painting.

The first is to choose the color and shape of the lighting that suits your garden. There are various shapes and colors of garden lighting such as antique lighting, pop lighting, Japanese style lighting and embedded lighting, so it is important to see a sense of unity between the house and the garden. Basically, we have garden lights such as silver, black, warm silver, etc. that match recent houses.

The second is to decide the number and location to install in consideration of the reason for placing it in the garden. When installing for crime prevention, the entrance area and sensitive lighting will be more effective. Also, in order to enjoy the design of the garden and the light, it is important to arrange the number and arrangement method. The spike type that can be used by inserting it into the soil is a garden light that can be easily installed.

The third is to choose which type of lighting to use, such as plug-in type lighting or electrical work installation type lighting. Especially since it is installed in a garden, it is important to manage the power supply. Depending on the situation, such as whether the house has an outdoor outlet or not, it may be necessary to ask a specialized contractor. If you have an outlet outdoors, you can create a comfortable garden space by combining a garden light that can be used by simply plugging it into an outlet, a timer, and a sensor. Above all, the ideal environment is one that can be turned on and off automatically.

Finally, the fourth is the ease of maintenance of the lighting of your choice, but since the LED lights that have become popular in recent years are maintenance-free, I think that you can use them with less effort than before