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Things you must remember to open game café

Things you must remember to open game café

Things you must remember to open game café

Electronic games

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Which Gaming machine you need for your cafe:

There are different types of gaming machines, café use for public gaming, we can divide these machines in two types: Game Machine (Electronic Game) and Table games.

Game machines includes different types:

Fish Game

Bet Game

Slot Game

While now a days fish game is popular as a video game. People love to play this game…..

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Table game includes:

Dice game

Card game

Focus on the collectors group

There are fans who focus on retro video games. For them, old titles are a treasure, and some are no longer on the market, which is why they tend to have more value than current titles. You can target your business to old titles for this audience. In this case, you must take into account the state of the game, the version, the exclusivity, the rarity, among other things, since the prices vary depending on this.

Organize gamers contests

Young people and game fans are often competitive with players of a similar level. Organizing championships or contests can generate good income if you use a good marketing strategy. You can get sponsors to contribute the prizes and promote the contest locally in your area. Creativity is essential in this type of business.

Location and size for your cafe

What would be the right place to develop this project? Where should it be located? Because it is a project that is aimed more than anything at young audiences, since they are the most attracted to these games and with more time to dedicate to them, we must find the right place, in this case a place must be located in the vicinity schools or places with a high density of people. Another important aspect is to determine the extension of the premises, taking into account an estimate of the number of machines and games that you want to offer, the number of people we want to serve, rest areas and areas where you may be able to offer another service.